June 2017

5th April 2017

OPI Gel Nails Photoshoot

I had so much fun on this OPI Gel Nails photoshoot for Laura Gore Makeup Artist. To check out Laura's website click the link below

Laura Gore

OPI Gel Nails

Behind the scenes

I was actually the hand model for these shots as my sister is Laura Gore from Laura Gore Makeup Artist so i get to do all her photography.

Laura had just been on a course to become a professional for OPI Gel Nails, she passed with flying colours (she's a perfectionist). Now all that was needed was to photograph her achievement. It was a beautiful day and i had already seen this location by the river before we arrived on the course. I had a quick look and spotted these beautiful newly spring grown daffodils, my bag and outfit complemented the colour of my nails (fyi - strawberry margarita) so decided to roll with that. It took me 10 minutes in total using my iphone6.

Its always super fun working with my sister and i love getting the chance to do some beauty photography.